Why do I keep checking my ex's twitter? how do I stop doing? or when will i?

I broke up with him and cried for 3 days, then it took me 1 day to clear my mind and put my mind on my studies. But i think a little about him now and then, because i miss the romance, i don't really miss him. And i don't understand why i check his Twitter (i dont have a fb account). It's like i'm waiting for an interesting twit to appear. I guess, i still have feelings for him, not strong ones tho. Have you gone through this too? When did you stop? did you have to force yourself?


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Its "Tweet" Not "Twit" But The First Time My Ex & iBroke Up iWould Look At Her Twitter & Saw Things That Made Me Jealous & Highly Upset, The Second Time We Broke Up & Ended It For Good, iHad No Urge To See What She Was Saying. iMade Up In My Head That She Was Just Talking To Other Guys & Talking About Them, So That Honestly Motivated Me To Not Look At Her Twitter & iDont, In Fact iBlocked Her Cause iWas Done. You Have To Make Up In Your Mind To Just NOT Do It, Eventually You Will See Some Sh! t That Hurts & Wish You NEVER Seen. You Can Do It, Stay Positive...

    • True, i never thought about that, it'll better to stop checking it so i prevent getting hurt or whatever, fuck it's useless

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  • Been through some thing simaler though we never dated, just some one who i had an intence connection with who unfortunatly dident for me, tried to remain as best friends however she turned out to be a very destructive person in my life, so after almost having a mental break down over the games that were beingn played and the hacok it was causing generaly in my life, i chose to end the friendship, however 4 months on i still catch my self checking her Twitter every now and then, usually end up scolinf my self and forcing my self to stop either by will power or just completely focusing my attention on a hoby that is very consuming.

    and as other have said it is because if lingering feelings, either for the person them selves or the feelings and experiances you had when you were with/around them, e. g for me i miss the closness we had and how we could talk about nothing for hours.

    Im learning that its better in this circomstance to think of the negatives, the reason as to why your no longer with or around that person, this will help reinforce that your ok with out them and you dont need to checkup on them any more, do this untill you loose the want/need to check up on them, once thats done and your able to move on some more you can think back on things in the positive.

    Hope this helps!

    • very helpful thank you!

    • Your very welcome xD, if it would help to talk, im a good listner, consider my im open :)

  • You check because you still have lingering feelings.
    You stop by slapping yourself and telling yourself you will get slapped if you look again.
    Only you will know if you will stop.

    • that's a pretty aggressive method

    • You'll learn more quickly how to stop if you take the slapping seriously.

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