Why isn't my boyfriend talking to me? How can I get him back?

My now ex and I have been together for nine months and he's one of the most sweetest, humble, most respectful guy. He treated me like a princess, treated me right and good-looking. We're both 20. I've been sleeping around with this very handsome co-worker at my job for a month and he makes me so happy. I mean my boyfriend made me happy but my co-worker made me even more happier. We had sex so many times and I felt like a real woman. I called my ex on the day of our 9th anniversary 10 times and he finally answered, "I don't want to talk to you anymore you whore!! You have been sleeping with this guy behind my back!!" He said his best friend found out and told him. I also told my ex I have been sleeping with two other men too before this guy. I called his parents the next say and his mom said, "He's done with you! Don't you ever come near my little boy again you slut!" And hung up. His family wants nothing to do with me and even my family was being harsh to me. They really liked my ex. My mom won't speak to me anyway and my dad is disgusted about what I did. My sister called me a fully slut. My own family shunned me down. I made a huge mistake. My co-worker found out about my relationship and dumped me. How can I get him back? My friends, co workers, and even my own family won't speak to me.


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Getting Him Back doesn't Seem Likely, You Need To Move On, But To Answer Your Question All You Can Do Is Give Him Time, Eventually Your Family Will Come Around, Maybe Even The Coworker Will Come Around (Dont Bet On It.) iStrongly Suggest You Forget About This Guy & Find Somebody Else Cause You've Caused A Lot Of Damage...


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  • If you are going to sleep around then you have to accept the consequences of your choice. This is what happens when you sleep around Your lucky it happened while your alive and not after you die and go to hell.

    • I realized my mistake but my family shunned me down and yelled at me. I got called a slut and their not speaking to me.

    • They will forgive you because you are family but it might not happen right away. It will happen though. I got into a falling out with my cousin and she forgave me in 3-6 months to say happy birthday to me.

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  • well when you act like a slut that's what happened, what if it was the other way around and he was sleeping around behind your back you wouldn't be all smiles and giggles now would you

    • No but my parents won't even speak to me.

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    • How can I get him back?

    • you cant, would you want him back if he slept around on you?

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