How do I get my ex to love me like he used to?

Well, my boyfriend just recently dumped me. When he did so he just kept telling me to find someone to make me happy. Days later I finally get a feeling he doesn't want to date me because he doesn't love me anymore. So I ask him. He says he still loves me, just more as a brother; but I really don't feel towards him as he being the brother type. I love him but he only loves me more like a brother. I really want to get him back, I know something is still there. I don't want to give up until I know there's absolutely no chance of getting back together. He says he still finds my body attractive and what not. Also, me and him were almost a year. August 30 would have been a year. I know it might not be long, I know I might still be young. He is still my first love, and I still have feelings. I really don't date a lot of guys saying I "love them" without any real love towards them. This one is different. So I really just need some tips on how to get him back, if the tips work slowly I'm fine with that. Or if they work really fast. Then that's cool to. I have read things saying that I should stop talking to him or barely reply. I've tried and failed at that. So, I really need help, tips, and answers on how to get him to stop loving me like a brother and love me like how he used to.
Thank you for any answers I get.


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Dont Try & Force It, Dont Blow Up His Fone Cause You Will Only Annoy Him, You Need To Cut All Contact Because You Are Running High On Emotions, It Will Take Time But You HAVE To Go through With It, Stop Replying To Him, Stay Strong & Stay Positive...

  • tbh dear it's best to just move on trust me after a long relationship it's hard for both sides to move on, one or both of you may still have feelings for the other but you guys broke up for a reason it's just not meant to be so just try your best to distance yourself and start seeing other people. Good luck


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