Ex Boyfriend texted me 3 days after breakup?

My boyfriend of over a year and a half broke up with me 3 days ago I haven't contacted him but he said he would think about us getting back together. I had made him really mad.
Today I passed him driving and he saw me and he texted me later tonight asking about my weekend and work and all that. Also he has not changed his Facebook status to single yet and neither have I.
Would I consider this a good sign of him wanting me back?


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Yes The Feelings Are There & It Does Look Good (As Far As Reconciling.) Just Make Sure You Dont Move Too Fast, Make Sure You Dont Just Talk About The Relationship The Whole Time, Talk About Other Things Too, Dont Get Your Hopes Up (Even Tho It Does Look Good) Dont Put Your Defenses All The Way Down Either, Stay On Guard But Not Too Much, Play It Safe & Stay Positive...

    • Thank you! Do you think I should keep waiting for him to talk first for awhile or should I also text him?

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  • yeah probably, when he saw you some emotions (hopefully the good one's since he texted you) came back and he's starting to reconnect. May be a slow process but if he's the one that got hurt and he's initiating contact again, should be a good omen for future happiness.

    Don't mess it up this time (if you were the one in the wrong), good luck!

    • Thanks :) should I contact him at all or just let him do the contacting for awhile?

  • As you said you were dating for 1 and a half year , its not easy to break up and accept it soon
    Probably he misses you and as from your tone , you miss him too..

    Also, since you said you made him very mad, how about trying to talk to him,
    start with small talks , may be plan a meeting and then you both may get back together


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