I have never felt more betrayed and hurt in my entire life?

He told me that he recently got a girlfriend... LIE!
He's been having a girlfriend, now fiancé, for almost a year now. But I just found this out. I had no clue. We were "supposedly" best friends. I thought we told each other everything. I have been having feelings for him for almost two years now. He knows this. I think he somewhat enjoyed knowing how I felt, even though he said he didn't feel the same way, (But, he'd never actually say it like that) Also, he never gave me time to move on from him. He'd always make sure to text/call me at some point in time, I guess to see if I would answer him, so he'd know where we stood. We have done this process of not talking then back to talking about four or five times now. Stupid, I'm aware. However, when I found out about the girlfriend/fiancé, I immediately asked him about it. His reply to me was "What makes you think you're entitled to this information?"

Today he wanted to know why I would even ask him about that. I just said that I had a bad gut feeling about it and I felt like he was hiding things from me. This was his reply:

"You have a bad "gut" feeling that our friendship wasn't right. That right there is how you lost focus of that we were just friends, when you started worrying about my life WAY to much to where it wrecks your life. I shared with you what I wanted to and the entertaining stuff, and not everything that my life entails. That's what people in relationships do. But to rest your mind I did buy my girl a ring. You're welcome and good day."

He never, EVER spoke to me like this before. I feel that since I called him out on his game, he didn't like it and he went off. I just have never felt so hurt and betrayed in my whole life. Obviously, I know what I have to do/am doing, I just needed to let it out I guess.


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  • Maybe it's just the way you asked him about it that it felt intrusive. Based on what you said, I assume that he did tell you that he wasn't interested granted he could have been clearer about it. I would think that he's just being defensive about it.

    But other than that I don't think either of you are in the wrong, I mean you could probe but do it tactfully.


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Well You Guys Are Just Friends, It Doesn't Sound Like He Lead You On As Far As Feelings, He Didn't Have To Tell You He Had A Significant Other, But If Your Upset About The Way He Talked To You Then Thats Understandable, Just Ignore It & Move On With Life...

  • I am sorry and I know how it feels. But it's just best to let it be and move on. Ignore him, his calls and his life. You are awesome enough yourself, trust me :) After the cold winter, spring arrives :) Hope this helped :)


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  • Tbh he doesn't have to tell you about who's in his life or not but I guess he didn't like the way u spoke to him

    • I think if they were friends, then they kinda should be telling each other stuff like "Oh hey, i have a new girfriend." "Oh hey, I'm getting married!"

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    • Exactly. We used to tell each other every detail of our lives. So for him to not mention to me that he was dating someone, especially that he was engaged, that hurts. I thought we were so much closer than that. And then for him to be so cold and bitter towards me was definitely different. We have been in two fights in two years. So this is drastic.

    • maybe something happened

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