My boyfriend broke up with me because of something I did, but told me to keep his key when I directly asked him if he wanted it back?

Okay, me and my now ex boyfriend broke up after a bad fight at a concert. The fight was pretty bad because it was fueled by alcohol and unfortunately I am the one who started it and took it way too far. We broke up that night and had a very awkward 2 hour drive home with his friend who stayed in the hotel with us as well. When we were parting ways he said that we were broken up at this point but would think about possibly trying to fix things eventually. I gave him a few days then sent him a message asking to talk. He said he would like that and we picked a day a few days later and met for brunch. During this week I had time to think about things that were bothering me in the relationship that I was not vocal enough about, so when we met up I explained how I had been feeling but apologized for being out of line that night. Although I tried not to, I admitted I wanted to try the relationship again and really try and work on what went wrong. He said he really felt unsure of what to do still and I do not think he was telling me that to appease me because he directly said so and is generally not that type of person. I took it as we would probably just stay broken up but put the ball in his court and said I would give him more time to think. When we were leaving the place we got brunch from I asked if he wanted to have his key back and if he wanted me to get my things. He avoided the question, but when I directly asked him about the key again he told me to keep it for now. Although, I know giving him his space is necessary, does it sound like there's a chance he will get back with me? Is there anything anyone suggests to do in the meantime? And finally how long do I wait before I am just a fool for waiting for an answer? Should I be worried he's looking elsewhere? Please any advice would be peace of mind for me at this point.


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  • There's a chance since he didn't want the key - or he couldn't handle the emotional outburst from you if he asked for it back

    I would give him time. But after a month, if he's not contacted, I'd consider it over.

    • Thanks. That's sort of what I was thinking. The fight happened on the 1st, so I was going to let things go until early Sept

  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, He Told You To Keep The Key So He isn't Ready To Completely Let You Go, There Is A Chance You Guys Will Reconcile But For Now iWouldnt Ask Him About It, Dont Force It, You Put The Ball In His Court So Let Him Come Back When He Is Ready. iSuggest Moving On, Dont Just Sit Around & Wait For His Response, Go Live Life & Have Fun, Even If He Is Looking Somewhere Else You Need To Start Doing Your Own Thing, Occupy Yourself, Stay Strong & Stay Positive...


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