My boyfriend cut me off after an argument?

I feel devastated. My boyfriend and I were doing so well after a fight/break. We finally opened up and talked about things. He spent a lot on money on me and helped me out with a big project of mine which he put a lot of time into. I accidentally said that I didn't even take it that serious which he really did so he got mad but continued anyways. Once again I told him that I don't understand why he's taking it that serious so he told me to fix it all by myself and went home. I have a friend in this project that I work with and later on she accused him for something serious that he didn't do, he was just trying to help us. She sent him a very angry text and threatened to give him a bad reputation (SO IMMATURE) even though I told her NOT to because there was a big misunderstanding. She refused to listen and when he sees this message he deleted me off Facebook. I tried calling but he didn't answer, then he blocked me. A day later he unblock me and told me not to send my friend on him and start taking responsibility. I replied shortly about what happened but he never replied and it's been a day since, never told him how sorry I am. He did these tiny things like deleting me from his Facebook groups, changed profile picture that I liked etc. I don't understand if he was hurt or just mad? What should I do to make him understand how sorry I am? Or is this a breakup but he never told me that he wanted to break up.


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  • I don't think there is anything you can do, i hope when he calms he will forgive you. Its sounds like him deleting you from Facebook groups, he doesn't want anything to with you. Its sounds like to me, a break up to me.


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