Men... would you ever contact your most recent ex if you were truly in love with someone else?

Too many details... I just need to figure out if other men contact their ex's if they are in love with another woman?


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  • no I would never contact my ex there is a reason she is my ex!

    • So... if he's contacting me even though he THOUGHT he was in love, should I take it that he feels he made a mistake?

    • Unless your thinking you both made a mistake it will cause more hart ache down the road! if he is with someone else he may be relising he had it better with you!

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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Two Reasons A Man Might Reach Out To His Ex, One, He Truly Misses Her & Wants To Reconcile/ Or Just Be A Part Of Her Life As A Friend, Two, He Wants To Possibly Have Sex, You Just Have To Read Between The Lines & Understand His Body Language...

  • If I still love her or care maybe. But I'd rather not so I don't like her again and disturb my new love
    Fyi. men can love many at same time :-(


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