How to get over my ex? Nothing helps!?

He dumped me 3 weeks ago. :(

I've literally tried everything to get my mind off things! Picking up new hobbies, seeing friends and family, going on dates, etc. I will even be thinking about him in the middle of a date or if I am watching a movie at the theater. I am going nuts!


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  • Totally normal... And it will take time. Your not going nuts!! Lol.
    But here are some things I've done to move on.
    1. Remove his contact information from your phone. (No drunk dialing or texting.. Lol)
    2. Delete all pictures from your phone.
    3. Start working out... Running or whatever exercise you enjoy. Can be as simple as walking. Exercise will release endorphins and you'll start feeling better about yourself.
    4. Get to know yourself... What is it you really want out of life.
    5. Keep doing the above you mentioned in you original message... You are on the right track.
    6. Time will heal.
    7. If you slide backwards it's ok... Repeat above steps.
    8. You will find someone that is the right fit for you once you are happy being alone.


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Sounds Like You've Done The Works, Well As Time Passes By You Will Feel Better, iCant Say How Long Because Everybody Is Different But You Have To Give It More Time, Stay Positive, Stay Strong & Keep Your Head Held High...

  • Its in your head. You have remember him about something negative that forces your mind to forget him. If you keep thinking about the great things about him, you won't get over him and you'll be stuck. Also, you have to have hope in the future to think about your "perfect" guy as motivation to go out and forget about your ex and find someone better

  • Time... time heals everything ms. Remember he dumped you, so he's not hurting at all... if anything he might be having a blast. Use that to your advantage and keep trying, but trying harder. Its not easy... but who said it was easy? You live and learn, be weary of future relashionships no matter how good they are, be cautious.


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