I want to be reasonably mean?

Here's the deal. I am I nice women. Loyal,, caring and mature. I am 35 my ex is 49. He totally stomped on my heart with dishonesty and what not. I wish I had paid attention to the signs. I want to make him aware of his issues. I want to make him stop discarding and moving on from those who see the real him and change his ways so that HE can possibly develop a relationship with me (hopefully) or someone else. What do you say to a person like this? How to get through to them?


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Well All You Can Do Is Tell Him (Doubt He Will Listen Or Care) But All You Can Do Is Communicate. iBelieve In Karma, So iFeel Like He Will (Over Time) Get Back What He Is Dishing Out, Dont Waste Your Time & Energy, Put That Energy Towards Another Relationship & Be With Somebody That Makes You Happy...

  • The guy is obviously some kind of player; you aren't going to make him into a good guy at his age.

    Instead of trying to do the impossible with him, ask yourself why you ignored the red flags and got played, so it won't happen to you again. You can change YOUR approach, but not his!


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