Have any girls regretted leaving their boyfriend for someone they just met?Have any girls fallen in "Love"" with a new guy within a month?

Well my girlfriend of 4yrs left me for a guy she met on vacation a month ago and dumped me two days after we went away to a wedding together, she claims she saw no future in us and she didn't expect this to happen, she said that their in "Love" and he is moving from NY to FL to be with her. Last week she calls saying she's confused/uncertain and not over me but she is going to see where her decision leads her and thinks she might regret it forever.

Have any girls regretted leaving their boyfriend for someone they just met?

Whys she moving extremely fast with him?

Have any girls fallen in "Love"" with a new guy within a month?
Its been nearly 6 weeks and other than previously calling saying she was confused and not over me , she hasn't really shown any signs of regret or wanting contact. Plus the fact that new guy moved to be with her after 4wks and only knows her in that


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  • my friend left her boyfriend of 3 years to date a guy who had been flirting with her - as soon as she had sex with the new guy he dumped her and after that her old boyfriend didn't want her back anymore and she was single and very depressed and she took it out on me because I told her about a guy I liked and she said my stories were depressing her.

    • Why do you think she called me to say she was uncertain of her decision? And why do you think she's moving extremely fast moving in together and saying their in love?

    • I think she has a craving for intimacy because that is what she had with you so she wants a relationship that is equally strong to the relationship that she had before. Otherwise she won't think it's worth it to leave you for him. If she is disappointed which she might be - she will regret her decision. I would not take her back though.

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  • I've never left my ex for another man that I just met. There's always reasonings for ending a relationship. Although my best friend did leave her highschool Sweetheart to be with a guy she met at a club. They've been married for 4 years and have 2 kids.

    I think your ex fell head over heels for her new man but now is contemplating and regretting. That's why she gave you a call.

    • Do you think she just contacted me bc she's nervous of moving on and wanted emotional support?

      Why do you think she's moving so fast with him?

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    • do you think its possible that she is really in love with him or just trying to convince herself? we were each other first love and relationships

    • I think she's infatuated with the idea of him. I'm not to sure if she loves him for everything that he truly is. Maybe he's looks, charm and personality attracted her but once she noticed who he really is, we withdrew herself.

  • I've never left somebody for somebody else in serious relationships, but I can tell you my fiance and I had the literal love at first sight

  • i feel that hers is more of lust than love...

    • I believe that she has to fast forward her new relationship to the point we were at in order to justify and convince herself she made the right decision.

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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, A Lot Of Girls Regret Their Decision Of Leaving Their Long Term Boyfriend, Some Of Them Try & Reconcile While Still In With That New Guy, Some Of The Other Batch Of Females Feel That Way But Keep It To Themselves, & A Few Of Them Are Actually Happy They No Longer Are With The Long Term Boyfriend & Stay With The New Guy, iKnow You Want A Female's Perspective But iChime In On A Lot Of "Break-Ups & Divorces" ...

    • thanks man im just so lost and confused on where it all went wrong and what the hell she is thinking now

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