Ladies:Do you describe yourselves as feminist?

i'm not asking what feminism is. i am asking that ''do you describe yourself as feminist''the title says it all.
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  • It doesn't matter, feminism has ruined everything.
    Now men see women are "users" only. And women who regret it can't go back and have no way to prove it.

    There is no trust anymore.
    Women want the benefits of equality but none of the consequences. Like, many women here reply "i am not a feminsit but i am for equal rights"... but then quickly add "oh but i prefer traditional dating".
    How about them EQUAL rights?

    Once women are equal, you need to EARN respect like men do.
    You need to PROVE your worth as a person, like men do.

    No more "pussy pass".

    And women hate it.

    • I agree fully with what you said, it pisses me off when girls like to be treated equally but still expect the guy to pay for everything etc. I personally believe that equality should be for everyone and there should be no double standards.

    • I honestly hat when guys pay I never let them pay and if they do I slip money in their pocket. I think it's an outdated notion me and my girlfriend always go halfsies

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What Girls Said 8

  • I hate the idea of feminism. I mean we all have the same rights now. To me it seems like some of them try to make themselves sound better than those girls who may not respect themselves. I don't know it all just annoys the crap out of me.

    • Being a feminist means you believe in basic human rights such as equal pay, voting, leaving our homes without male attendance and much more. Not to mention equal pay still hasn't been applied everywhere in the us

    • Yes but still we have equal rights. It's like some feminists want to be treated better than men. Just because someone else does something for it doesn't mean that they shouldn't because you have rights.

  • I believe in equal rights and support the idea that women are not any less below men and nor should be treated that way. In some western countries this isn't a issue anymore, however in some second or third world countries it very much is a issue still. Just like I'd support other causes too, the cause of wanting women to be equal is no different. So yes, I support the definition of feminism and if that makes me one then cool. But it's not the only issue I care about. Some people seem to forget that just cause you say you believe in women's rights doesn't mean you don't give a fuck about anything else. Sure there are some extremists but you get them in every single area of life.

    • Do you think women should be able to play professional team sports like soccer and rugby in the same team as men?
      Do think think male and female tennis players should all play for the same trophy as in against each other?

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    • I never said that men and women were not equally valuable as human beings, it's just that we ARE different in some ways. Not better or worse, just different.

    • Yeah but I never claimed we were the same or aren't different...

  • No. I'm an egalitarian.

    • do you really believe in that you can do everything in several fields which guys are supposed as more skillful than girls or guys can do everything in some fields which girls are supposed more skillfull than guys?

    • I believe in equal opportunity. Regardless of gender, everyone has different strengths. I just think people should be able to make their own choices, and have those choices respected.

  • I support and agree with the idea, but not a zealot. I still like some traditional ideas in regards to relationships as well

    • If you support equality you can't ask for traditional relationships.
      That's contradictory.

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    • "Disagree and you are ignorant if you think the two are the same."

      Please explain.

    • I believe women should be able to work and do what they want and they law or anyone should not hinder that. In a relationship I want my man to be the in charge for a lack of better word. It doesn't necessarily have to be financial (but he does have to be working).

      I want us to be able to discuss life and come with mutual agreements, if we are able to, but if not, his decision is what we are going with (if its not totally illogical).

  • no i dont see myself as one

  • Yup and I think every woman who doesn't is a liar

  • I like the idea of feminism, but im not one

  • I believe that some 'feminists' have some good points but others have incredibly warped points of view and like to blow things way out of proportion at times. I stand for equal rights but I'm on the fence about feminism.. Some countries really need those women's rights after all.


What Guys Said 2

  • How Is This Dealing With "Break-Ups & Divorce?" iAssume Its Because You Want Your Question In Different Categories...

  • Anyone who supports equality and fairness is by definition NOT a feminist. If they truly support equality and fairness then they are an egalitarian.


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