Exes and Regret: Do you get this feeling?

So I was dating this girl for a while and things went a bit bad, she lead me on and I got a bit drunk and said some things. Essentially, we weren't right for each other so we stopped seeing each other.

Thing is I know this fact, but because she was my first proper 'love' and because she is very attractive, whenever I see her face I just feel a shallow regret, wondering what could've been with a girl this good looking.

I'm with someone else now and it's all going really, really well but I still get this weird regret towards this girl I dated whenever she uploads a new picture on Facebook. I try not to feel this way but it's hard. So I was wondering if a lot of people had this? How did you get over it?

Do you ever fully get over exes/first loves?
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  • Sounds to me like you're just shallow. If the reason you get upset and feel rueful is because she is attractive, then yeah, you're just shallow. Most people are shallow because they either have extremely low self worth and project that onto others, or they have never really understood what a real connection is, because if you really love someone it doesn't matter that they aren't super attractive to the rest of the world.

    • How can someone not be shallow? It's not like we hated each other but still dated because we liked looking at each other, Jesus Christ

    • It wasn't love, I know that, it was an attraction based on friendship and looks. It was puppy love basically because it was my first time feeling a certain way about someone but now I look back on it and think that is was just a teenage fling

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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, If The Love Runs Deep, Like Really Deep Its Very Very Difficult To Get Over Them Completely, My Ex Girlfriend Left Me For Another Guy She Works With, We Almost Made It Five Years, She Is Over Me & Happy With Him, iStill Love Her & iAlways Will, Everybody Is Different Tho...


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  • I was thinking about this too and i just gotten over my first "love" ish... your first love is that person you decide to give that many f*cks to. Out of 7 billion you chose this person and when its all over you feel like no one else can really match up to that person... Honestly it all depends how you look at it.. Yes this girl will be a stain in your heart but this is life. No your not going to be thinking about this girl when you see the actual love of your life walk down that aisle for you, but this person will always be there. When two people love eachother that strong, honestly they just can't be apart. If this girl walked out its because she wasn't meant to be with you. Teenagers dont really know this answer but i know some grandparents or older adults and if i ever ask them they say, "honestly i forgot about them, they were a big deal for a while but now time, life, family everything changed it." It kind of doesn't matter anymore when you hold your baby girl for the first time and look into her helpless eyes, it doesn't matter anymore when you wipe off the tears from her eyes when a boy broke her heart for the first time and you tell her everything will be ok, and it defiantly doesn't matter when your daughter gets married and you lived a full life. Yeah it sucks now but time changes things. Anyways you'll share these stories with your love one day and she's gonna share hers.. dont worry you both cheated on each other. Life goes on no matter who was with you, just forget and be glad it was with her you had a proper love and not someone carrying STDs...


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