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About a month ago my bf (of about a year) broke up with me because he needed "time apart". We had no contact for a week then he texted me&we hung out like a week later. Then for three weeks it was little conversations here&there where he kept saying he missed me but would never hang out&he want to have the "serious talk" about what we were in person so i just felt totally confused. I was tired of all of it So i told him i still had feelings&he just needs to tell me his. Our relationship was good, he's amazing, but he's acting like a jerk. He started saying this It's why he didn't want a relationship cuz he'd just hurt me, but he NEVER did until now, so that didn't make sense to me. Then he said that he didn't know what he wants&don't know when he will. So i responded by saying if he didn't know that means it's not me&he wasted my time. Now, i know this hurt his feelings cuz that's how he it's&he's the type to ignore people when he's upset. So a few days later he deleted me off Facebook & instagram & snapchat, and now a days, that's serious stuff. So we haven't talked for almost two weeks and i don't know what to do anymore because i still miss and love the guy. Now i HAVE continued about my life, got a new job, see friends and family, do all sorts of things, but i still wish he was apart of my life so we could have done things together. So any ideas or advice would be helpful...


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Continue To Not Talk To Him, He Is Toying With Your Emotions, Over Time You Will Start To Feel Better, Thats The Main Thing, Time Is A Big Factor. iCant Say How Long Because Everybody Is Different. Of Course You Know Not To Beg & Plead For Him Back, Just Continue Living Your Life, Stay Strong, Stay Positive& Keep Your Head Held High...


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  • my advice is that if you would get one guy you could also get new ones... there are a lot of cool people out there you just have to give some new guys a chance


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