How do you know if your ex-boyfriend really moved on?

how do you know if he doesn't love you anymore?


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, One Way Is Communication, iDont Mean Come Out & Ask Him But Possibly Talk To Him, If He Is Cold, Short, & Not Very Responsive Or Flats Out Ignore You Then Thats A Sign, Deleting Somebody From A Facebook, Twitter, &/Or Instagram Doesn't Necessarily Mean They Are Over You, But Possibly Want To Move On. Dating Somebody New Definitely Doesn't Mean They Moved On, There Are PLENTY Of People Currently In Relationships & STILL Miss, Love, Or Want Their Ex Back. Every Guy Is Different, Honestly In This Day In Time There Is No Sure Way To Know, You Just Have To Know That Person...


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  • i think telling you to fuck off is a pretty good sign he got over you

  • won't call, won't text, won't talk to you, and won't talk about you to anybody anymore


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