Gf getting married to someone else but still loves me? Help!

So me and this girl were friends then became best friends. We had liked each other for long but didn't realize and finally when we did, we decided to have good times as a couple till someone finds someone to marry with. (because of family reasons, my family wouldn't accept her because of different caste). We both knew that. In a 3 weeks in to relationships, her family met this guy's family and proposed a marriage proposal and she was forced to talk. She found the guy a nice guy just in general without any attraction. She also thought about his family and found it a good deal overall. But she still loves me. Now they are working on their marriage but she still wants me to be friends with her since we will be seeing each other regularly because of school. She genuinely cares and loves me and so do I.

We were best friends before we started dating. I want her to be happy. I have tried talking to my parents couple of times and they said no. So I have tried and do not see a point and dont want to go against them as they have been through a lot for me in their life in general. At this point, what should i do? I want to be her friend because i know we will both need each other. And since we were best friends, what do you guys think I should do? Stay friends? if stay friends then how close of a friend should i stay?


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  • I think you already answered your own question you should respect her relationship and be friends and don't get attach keep it on a friendship level once in a while hang out and talk to her on a daily basis but to be honest your old enough to do whatever makes you happy life is to short and if you love someone and you wanna be with them be with them because your parents won't always agree with your decisions so the sooner the better they need to realize how to accept your decisions and just be happy for you and whatever you choose to do with your life after all its your life same with the girl you like if she's not fully happy she shouldn't marry a guy she barley knows and doesn't love no wonder why there having problems to be honest she would of been better off with you someone she knew for a long time verses a guy she just met or came out of no where she's not gonna be happy because she's doing what her parents want verses what she wants you guys should do what makes you happy

    • Now its confirmed since their families talked too and they will be engaged soon. She doesn't want me to go missing on her and wants to be friends since we are in same classes in college.

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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, You Should Of Never iGuess You Can Say "Fake Date Her" You Should Of Known Your Feelings Would Get Involved, But If You Feel Like You Can Be Her Friend With No Emotions Involved Then Go For It, If Not Then You Should Respect Her Marriage & Distant Yourself, Stay Strong & Stay Positive...


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