Has anyone ever tried to make it work with a severely bipolar partner?

so i had the final straw and broke up with my gf tonight.. she picks a fight every night accusing me of cheating or being insensitive.. always talked about her exes and called me a bastard for having dinner with a group of coworkers tht included girls i was friends with... it thought at first she was just stressed but as we dated longer and longer she really was just a (pardon my french) cunt... i offered to do therapy never raised my voice to her took care of her.. im not some pushover i set respectable boundaries but she didn't want to hear anything but her own way... then five seconds later she's the best girlfriend u could ask for funny sweet affectionate reasonable sexual appetite.. then five seconds later again she's mad... how do i love someone who wants to see me broken?


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  • This isn't quite the same but, my friend is trying to make it work with her schizophrenic boyfriend and it's pretty hard for her because he honestly relies on her and if she ignores a text by accident next thing you know she's getting a call from the hospital saying he tried to kill himself again! He's completely all over the place with his emotions and sometimes he's the sweetest guy and other times he's out of control to the point of terrifying! She manages to make it work though and I'm going to point out that she's 15 on top of all this! The difference is that she makes him go to therapy and take meds to keep it controlled, so if you could do that then it might work but, it's really just hard and complicated most of the time. Wow that answer sucked and was alllll over the place sorry!

    • wow that is inspiring

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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Instead Of Asking "How Do iLove Someone Who Wants To See Me Broken?" Ask Yourself This "WHY Do You iWant To Love Someone Who Wants To See Me Broken?" This Relationship Sounds Very Unhealthy, Dont Become Her Doormat, She Treats You Like This Cause You Allow It, Walk Away From This, It Will Only Escalate To Worst Things, Every Relationship Has It's Ups & Downs For Reasons, This Girl Seems To Bring Ups & Downs For No Reason, Stay Positive & Stay Strong...

    • oh no im not afraid to tell her where to shove it lol.. im not a dick or a doormat really.. honeslty if we din have so much in common and the same views on literally everything it would be different but im a little invested

  • my best mate is moving to Canada from uk with a girl who is suffering from that ilness, but i truly believe if you learn the person and condition then nothing to be bothered about really!

    • haha well i liked roller coasters as a kid but damn lol

    • Well its no biggy everyone has dents in their armour just learn ya partner! best of luck!

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