Girls, what's the best way to get an ex girlfriend who left you for someone else to want to contact you? Already in No contact with her?

My girlfriend of 4yrs left me for someone else she met a month ago on vacation, she said we didn't have a future together and sees no point in continuing to date. I tried chasing her for two weeks and obviously didn't work but she did call me and say she wasn't sure she made the right decision and is upset bc she knows she killed any hopes of a future together by leaving me for him but is still with him.

Weve been in no contact for 10 days, I live in another state which doesn't help and her new guy is close to her so they are always together. I know the longer their together the best cloaer they'll be.

Is their anything other I can be doing to help my situation or is no contact the only option at this point?


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  • She left you for another man... please use your head: Why would you want her back, let alone want to talk to her. She's no good, young man. Forget her, heal, & find someone better. Girls like that are never worth it; she did you a favor by leaving.

  • The best thing to do is to grow your spine back and realize that you are ahead of the game by being out of a relationship with that bitch. It will come back to haunt her, don't give her another minute of the pleasure of your company


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