Should I call my ex? or should I wait for him to call?

I dated a guy who went to my school two years ao. We were each others first significant other, but things didn't work out (mainly communication problems, we were very young (16))

Flashfoward into the future, we are both in our senior year in highschool, really drunk at a party making out. He said he still cared for me, that he had always cared, that it was not easy for him seeing me every day at school and pretend he didn’t. He told me he made a mistake that he was too immature two years ago, and that he wanted to make things work this time. I told him that we were both clearly too drunk to have that conversation at that very moment, and we should probably speak tomorrow.
He texted me in the morning, telling me he was sorry for being that drunk and that we needed to talk. Today I saw him at school but from the distance. It seemed all of our classmates interested in the details of our “reconciliation” (which bugs me very much as it puts extra pressure on the situation). I haven’t talked to him anymore, and I’m doing my best not to text him asking him if he wants to meet for a chat. My sister keeps telling me that I shouldn’t call him as “he has to work for it” However, she says that this guy is not the type of guy that would tell me all of those things if he didn’t mean it.



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  • if he is asking to talk to you maybe you should at least respond to him

    • I responded! he asked to talk , i said Ok, and we haven't talked since then :(

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