Cheated on a cheater, and feeling funky. Am I going to be kicked in the ass by karma?

There was so much verbal abuse, I found out that he had a sex dating profile, and he neglected me till' I walked out the door. He never wanted to listen to what I had to say, he always put me down, and there were many instances wherein I did not feel like he was trustworthy. I got depressed because I felt like I had to keep everything in.

He sent me mean texts, saying that I was not the same person he fell in love with, and that I always brought a lot of negativity into the relationship. He was sick of it, so I left him be. The night before that, I sort of sent out a thought to the universe, that I would get the chance to leave him if he didn't love me. I thought out to the universe that I would rather be alone than to be with someone that didn't love me.

On Monday evening, I visited a guy friend as we had a common interest (which could in turn be used for a career). It was the first time we have ever hung outside university, and we learnt a lot about each other. He was so understanding of me because he had pretty much gone through the same thing as I did. He didn't come off as a saint like most guys try, but he was honest and expressed care. You can guess what happened that evening, and naturally after that of course I hear from my ex.

This is the first time I have actually cheated sexually, and I don't feel totally good about it.

This guy tells me that he likes me, but doesn't want anything serious with me. Which is fine by me for now. He always tells me to relax around him, and that I worry a little too much, but he says it in a way that makes me realize that I should calm down coz' everything is fine. He is also pretty empathetic, because he stopped while we were having sex to ask me if I was sure that I wanted this. In the end, I did.

I was so ready to make the break up official, but as with timing, my ex started to show interest in fixing things shortly after. He asked me if I was seeing, have flirted, or had sex with anyone, and I said yes.
I'm freaked out because all my things are still there. He said I'll find them on the street tomorrow.
I can't really select a best answer for this. You all had really thoughtful things to say, so thank you <3


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  • "my ex started to show interest in fixing things shortly after."

    Of course he did. In true jerk fashion. Move on. He had a "sex dating profile." You did nothing wrong to your ex. Just make sure you and the new guy are on the same page.

    • We are. I'm going to another campus, and told him how I was excited about starting the new course, and he's also cool with just being there if I didn't feel like having sex.

    • Ok that didn't make sense. Everything just happened within the span of 6 days now. Minus the first paragraph, as that's been there for a long time. He started screaming at me and said that he didn't do anything to me. Fucking came into my grandma's apartment hall and yelled out that I fucked someone else, in front of her! I told my aunt about it as she knows what's been going down, and frankly she doesn't care. Weirdly I don't feel like I desperately need to see this cool person I just learnt about the other day, and I don't want to make him a rebound.

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  • nah, I am not a believer in karma, move forward from here on out


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Well If You Guys Weren't Together At The Time So You Technically Didn't Cheat, iWouldnt Feel Bad, iBelieve In Karma But iDont Think It Will Come Your Way, iSuggest Cutting All Contact & Moving On, You Dont Need That Negativity In Your Life...

  • Hi:) lesson learned?

    • 1. That I will cheat when I'm mistreated enough. And that's something new I've learnt about myself.

      2. Trust your gut.

      3. When his co worker probably texts him that "We can use it to meet" - it probably means they've already fucked. Especially if the job involves mixers, serving tables, and putting up with drunk fucks in the morning. Also, if he probably tells his girlfriend to "Look at her" then wow - thanks for making me feel so damn special.

      4. Guys that don't like confrontation in some aspects of their life will never come clean.

      5. I don't deserve to be called a stupid fucking retard.

      6. I deserve someone that listens to me.

      7. Love is a complex emotion.

      8. Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.

      9. Stay in touch with thyself

      10. If his friends don't pay mind to you much, or if he isn't so keen on introducing you to them - it probably means he doesn't pay much mind to you, nor does he want to involve you with his friends.

    • Yep I think you passed the test^^ you don't really need to cheat.

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  • I don't really believe on karma so...


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