Is it normal to completely lose contact with ex or did I go through worse than normal situation?

I've totally lost all contact with her and we live in the same small town. I don't even see her at local hang outs anymore since she started to see this new guy and got busy with work , just nothing were not even talking as friends. but then our situation was especially bad at times and maybe she left with harder feelings towards me than I realised or just couldn't deal with seeing me anymore I'm not sure what happened.

anyways I guess my question is? is it normal to lose all contact with an ex once a couple months have pasted or did I just go through a worse than normal break up?
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  • My ex and I are pretty close. Though most people find that weird.


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  • Do you still want to have contact with her? I got divorced about a year ago and my ex calls me once in a while and I have no idea why? She is all in love with this new guy and I have no desire to talk to her. I don't want to be rude, because I loved this girl at one point, but we are over. Done. Fini, caput. Why communicate?

    • I just find it odd were not speaking at all , its such a small town and there is only so many places or things to do. I guess I do miss her on some level but do also realise the relationship didn't work out as I had hoped and she is seeing a new guy from what I have seen. I still talk to her one close gf as I see her at pub often and her sister works there too and I have talked to her this summer but not much of ex for a while

    • Maybe I'm the weird one. Most people I guess still feel some sort of attraction to their ex, but I think I was so relieved to have it over with that I just have no desire.

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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Some Couples Go Months Without Talking, Possibly Years, Maybe This New Guy Is Keeping Her Attention & She Is Feeling Better, But Dont Feel Bad, It Happens To A Lot Of People, Just Accept It & Continue With Your Life...

  • If she's with someone else so it's very normal and it's better for you to stay away


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