Recently dating a girl?

Eugh I hate this shit. So I was recently dating a girl, who I fell madly inlove with. She used me as a rebound to get over her ex. I hate how she has used me!!! Its sooo upsetting!!!

I was totally fine with myself before i started dating her, and she had to come along and ruin my heart just for the fuck of it. cause the loser she was with before did it to her. Like wtf!!!

How do I get past this faster? Its such a waste of time and I sooo did not deserve this


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  • Well you can casually date around. Meet different girls, open doors, just to see that there are other women worth your time that won't be so selfish and deceitful. You can find a new hobby or spending more time with your friends. The trick is to keep yourself and mind occupied.

    • I've been doing that. its been 3 months since I have broken up with the girl, and I just get sooo upset at the fact that there are losers that friggen go around and do things like this.

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    • I was with her for 6 months. How long does it normally take to shake this shit. It should be soon no?

    • It should be soon since you were only together for six months, but its the in love part that has the potential to make recovery lengthy.

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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Allow Time To Go By, Thats The Best Thing...


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  • Give it some time. Go out with friends, work, and try to do things that normally make you happy. 3 months is not enough to get over someone who you love and who did this to you... I am sorry you have to go through it. Please give it some time and it will heal your wounds.

    Best of luck!

    • I've been doing that... Partying, banging girls, doing things i love. Its just sooo fuckin bullshit.

    • I understand, but trust me when I say: IT TAKES TIME!!! you really need time... but how much... it depends on you.

    • Also, there is a good saying: "Certain people come in our life as blessings, other - as lessons." Please learn from your bad experience and when you are in the next relationship, look for traits that could be warning signs. Don't close yourself for love, as there are so many amazing girls out there who can make you happy :)

  • It happens. Some guy did a similar thing to me. There are people out there who are looking to be as cold as the last person who screwed them up. They just don't care who they hurt. It's selfish. And generally they tend to look for good people to mess around with and crush their hearts. It's like we're easy targets. Give it time. Most importantly make sure you don't become that person. For some reason people think they'll feel better if they become like the person who hurt them. Break the cycle. There are good people out there


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