How long should I stick to the no contact rule?

Well I'm going to do one last ditch effort with my ex with the no contact rule.

I broke up with my ex about 2 months ago. The last time we had contact was about 3 weeks ago. Since then I had sent her two emails for professional reasons and she hasn't responded (last email sent 2 weeks ago). Should I wait another two weeks?

I'm trying to be tough but I'm thinking of her everyday.
Few other details. We went out for about a year, she's 26 and I'm 33. I had considered asking her for a break about 9 months into the relationship. Truth is I wasn't feeling the spark towards her anymore and I felt that some time away would
me freshen up. However I was worried about hurting her... so I didn't say anything. She ended up dumping me over a petty argument and has been ice cold since. I did want some time apart... but I didn't want it to be permanent.


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  • I just broke up with my boyfriend of 8 months. We haven't spoken one word to each other for a month now. It sucks because it's hard to go from talking to him every day to not at all but you just need to stay strong. Let your feelings simmer down, along with hers too. The time will come when you two can talk and it won't cause a stabbing pain through your heart.


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Just Leave Her Alone, If y'all Dont Have Kids Together, Professional Or Not She isn't Responding Cause More Than Likely You Broke Her Heart, Look, You Broke Up With Her, Now You Have To Live With It, Just Move On With Life, Your Running High On Emotions & Need Time To Yourself To Relax, She Clearly Cut All Contact So You Have No Other Choice But To Accept...


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  • I understand where you are coming from both ends. I was in a relationship where we broke up I told him do not call me and I have been in a relationship where I could not let go. Best thing to do is distract yourself, keep busy. Time heals all pain. There is a saying if you love the person let them go if its meant to be they'll come back. If you are still thinking about her in 2-3 months time give her a call. My ex contacted me after 4 months of our breakup this is after I told him not to call me. And we got back together 3 months after that. You have to strong in the end if she does love you still she will hear how good your doing and want to reach out herself.


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  • The longer the better.

    However I feel like 2 months isn't long enough to even consider contacting again

  • No contact should be indefinite.

    No contact means no contact for like forever...


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