Is it possible to get an ex back after this?

So my ex girlfriend and i spent 4 months together. she's 20 and im 19. Every week, 4-6 days for 5-12 hours we'd see each other and engage in several activities. Bike riding, rollerblading , swimming, arguing. We argued a lot. I got mad a lot and jealous as well which put a lot of strain on our relationship. We came close to splitting three times during the 4 months. We'd always rebound back to high spirits until the last 3 weeks. Just wasn't the same. We broke up about a week ago and i finally broke silence. I honestly realized all my mistakes and how to go about our relationship the right way, but unfortunately she's heard all before. I asked to seee her and she said she has notjing left to say. I asked if she slowly wanted to begin again and she replied were done she can't do it anymore. I proceeded to leave 3-4 texts and called her twice to no avail. Now i realize i broke this relationship, but it is possible for her to be over our love after a week? Can we start again? Any advice? she's very logical, stubborn and has been in 2 serious relationship s before.
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  • I think whats happening here is that you're being a bit controlling. Now, I obviously don't know you, I'm just going off of your description so please don't take it the wrong way. I think she's "over it" because like you said, she has heard it all before, and doesn't want a repeat of her mistakes of possibly going back and dealing with this again. Usually when someone goes through something in the past, and it comes up again in the present, they know how to deal with it because they learned before how to go about it. I think you should stop texting her, stop calling her. Possibly turn your phone off and relax a bit. Take some time to reflect, see a movie, go off with friends, join the gym, keep yourself occupied and give her her space to think and reflect and see if this is what she really wants. With you bombarding her with texts and calls, believe it or not, that actually disgusts girls and turns them off way more than you may realize. The girl needs space to think and appreciate you. Only time will tell, but don't hold your breath on this one. I think you're being too hopeful and I also think you're beating yourself up over your mistakes in the relationship. Understand that everything happens for a reason, and if you guys were arguing so much, then maybe you clashed and it wasn't meant to be right now. Possibly in the future maybe you can start back, but just do your thing, and enjoy life. Don't let this consume you.


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Allow Her To Come Back On Her On, iGuess You Know You Can't Force This Relationship So Stop Trying, If She Wants To Reconcile Then She Will, If Not Then You Know What Not To Do In Your Next Relationship...


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  • you split 3 times in 4 months? when did you have your honeymoon period? or was that surpassed through the break ups? Take it from a girl, the first 3/4 months is when you don't see any flaws and you're really all about having fun and getting to know each other. If those first few months are hard then she won't come back because the first impression will always stay in her mind. And I doubt you can change after one week. Take a step back, reconcile your own issues with jealousy, if she makes contact with you, then that's okay. But really if she says no then you repetitively trying to contact her will only push her further away. Sorry to be blunt but you probably came here looking for an honest answer.

  • actions speak louder than words, send her flowers or surprise her with tickets to something


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