Ex wants to talk about us after 6 months?

my ex broke up with me 6 months ago he but recently he randomly texted me wanting to talk "about us" in person I told him I would much rather just talk through text and that I didn't feel comfortable meeting up and he said that it was more normal to talk in person but the he said to just forget he texted me and that he shouldn't be bothering me so I really didn't care so I just said alright goodnight. but now Im kinda curious as to what he wanted to tell me should I try to contact him and talk to him in person?


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  • Well for the record, I have never heard of a couple that broke up and then got back together and ended up working out. He dumped you so if you got back together, it might be nice at first but then the same feelings that made him break up with you in the first place would come back and he would break your heart again.

    When he says stuff like "just forget he texted me and that he shouldn't be bothering me" it sounds like he's trying to manipulate you, so don't fall for it. It's been 6 months so hopefully you've moved on and you definitely don't need to talk to him.

    • yeah I know but I just wanted to hear him out and see what he had to say and make it clear to him that im fine without him and i dont want his friendship i just wanna be ok with him thats all Im sure that what he wants too and wants to talk to me about.

    • I still think that's unnecessary and a back idea but do what you want.

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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, iLike How You Gave Him The Cold Shoulder (Dont Ask Me Why) But Possibly One Of Two Things, He MAYBE Wanted To Reconcile & Work Things Out Or (Even Tho Its Been Six Months) Sex Could Be On His Brain, Dont Contact Him, Well iSuggest Not Doing So, Continue Living Your Life, He Walked Out On You, Stay Positive & Stay Strong...

  • He;s horny !! And guys don't like texting let alone trying to get back together over txt. No wonder he said forget it !!

  • Do you want him back?

    • no i dont but i wanna hear him out and make it clear that I dot hate him but i dont want his friendship either

    • That will only hurt him and do nothing still continune in your NC unless you want give him another chance. What was the reason of breaking up if I may ask?

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