How do I get back with my kids' father?

Me and bf been together for 6 years we have two kids together and I have a older son before him. my kids father works for ups and he is 28 I don't work I go to school and I'm 26. Well last year I found out him and a girl I call my Cuz was talking but she said it was that they smoke together that's all now he moved her n his aunt house and taking her on trips spending all his money on her not taking care of his kids we have a court custody order. Then he will not give me his number telling me I'm crazy but I'm heart broken I don't eat sleep or anything when he was arrest for drugs last year I took his charge its like we fuss and fight in the relationship but I really miss him and love him soon much I want him back and we can go to therapy and better our self even for the kids what to do


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, If The Father Of Your Children Dont Wanna Be In Th Relationship Dont Ask Or Beg, He Has To Come Back On His Own, Nobody Can Force A Relationship Together...

    • You are so right well I just found out him and her don't talk no more now he wants to come back

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  • Sometimes you really cannot change the situation you are in but you can find strength from within to keep moving forward...

    He has some things he needs to focus on outside of taking a new woman on trips and outside of you even - he needs to focus on your children.
    & I admire you for still attending school to work towards your goals - Your happiness how ever lies in your childrens smiles.

    Don't let him phase you and find the love you desire from the love your children show you.

    A strong woman & mother you are, keep your head up and God will provide.

    • Thanks so much and its like I don't have no friends or family to vent to when I say I'm sick Cuz I miss him I'm sick then he claim all of us on his taxes and didn't give me anything but I seen her today and she was talking to me like she sorry she wish she didn't do this. Plus they both smoke weed and she was like I only wanted him for his money and now he don't have any more I don't want him but my thing is I'm hurting so bad how do I over come this

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    • I don't know people in Baltimore MD I just moved here

    • Why did you move there?

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