Why do men easily forget?

one day, he changed. changed the way he used to be, he even said to me, that he changed and he even said that i don't know him anymore. he texted me that he is with a girl and that girl is my friend, he is not usually that way, i got hurt so much, so i decided to not talk to him anymore and the days passed i saw in the internet (fb) that he's with his girls classmates (oa? no im not because he's not take a picture with other girls even with his classmates) and he's different because he's smiling ( he is the type of person that is not smiling) , i feel so low when i saw that, is he trying to get me jealous? or maybe he changed and that's true?


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  • As you get older you change it's natural he's growing as a person , he's finding himself and learning along the way.

    • does that mean that he's not love me anymore?

    • depends who ended it >? you or him?

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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, People Tend To Change When They Grow Older & Maybe He Has Changed, iSuggest Not Looking At His Facebook, You'll Eventually See Something You Dont Wanna See & It Will Hurt Really Bad !! He May Not Be Tryna Get You Jealous But Just Living His Life...

  • Because he's eather in pain or he doesn't really care. Please pick most helpful?


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