Why a guy can't just be with only one girl :(?

I have been with a guy for more than 4 years now but recently we broke up and am still not over with it. i just don't get it. we both loved each other or i think we did. at least i love him n mayb still do. what happend btwn us is : i hack his fb acc and again i found him flirtin or let say , tryin to win his ex.. he even said i love u..
i have asked him loads about this. he has said she is jst her friend n za all then y were they tlkin like za.. knwin za, i hv brk up wiz him rit away. n this time, he stand no chance. but i dnt understand why he did za. why did he did za? while we were together, i did go out wiz him , gv him treats, call him.. he also did z same. but why did he at the same time chattin za other girl..


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, His Feelings For This Girl Are Still There, He Won't Leave Her Alone, Just Walk Away From This Relationship, It's Not Healthy, It Will Take Time To Get Over Him But You Can Do, Leave His Facebook Alone, That Only Brings More Pain...


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  • well, what the hell. 4 years and he's chatting up his ex again?
    i guess he didn't love you. he's not worth any more thoughts and stress. but i understand that you would like to know why


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  • maybe his ex is a super whore that can satisfied him in bed and he missed fucking her so bad...

    • no z other girl is not in the same country as us. the other girl is in Australia. she was in the same country some years before. but my bf told me za she went to another country before me and him bcm together. so they are only txin, chattin via viber n Skype n fb

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