How to get my ex back?

My ex an I where together for a year an 4 months an we have been trying for 10 weeks to get back together but he keeps thinking when I go to my auntys for school that I'm cheating on him but I'm not!! I am confused because it's like we are together but where not, I don't sleep around an yet he thinks I am an if I am I'm cheating? I do t get why he says I'm cheating when where not together an when I am not doing anything with any one else. want to have him back. What can I do to get my ex back?


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  • I'm going to tell you what I wished someone told me when I was your age...

    "Love is the desire to be desired." ~ Yann Dall'Aglio

    The issue you're having is that you're chasing down some boy who has made it clear that he's unwilling to give you his heart without conditions and speed bumps. And for some reason you've ignored your own time and value and have chosen to chase him while trying to meet his demands which does does a few things:
    - It slowly erodes your self esteem and confidence
    - It takes you off the market for any other guys who are way more worthy of your time
    - It makes you needy and helpless and insecure

    The confident and happy women I know would NEVER waste 10 weeks trying to make a romantic relationship "work" with someone who's not interested.

    A relationship that's less than 3 years old should NEVER be this much work. NEVER.

    Life is short and your time is valuable.

    Try to imagine where your life would be right now if you didn't waste 10 weeks chasing some boy and instead learned a new language, or saved money for a trip to Europe, or let two other guys shower you with gifts and compliments and wine?

    Find a powerful HAPPY older woman in your life and talk with her. Ask HER for advice... let HER life experience influence you so that you can free yourself from this desperate need to make some guy like you. You'll see how gross it is to chase a guy for more than one conversation.

    Happy relationships are EASY when both people actually want to be with each other. It all comes down to you and your self worth.

    The more you love and accept yourself the less time wasting you'll accept from a guy who's only concerned with jealousy and resentment.

    You know what to do!

    ~ Robby


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  • Who has been trying to get back with who? It sounds like someone is kidding themselves trying to believe that both are willing to make it work. All he's doing is playing the blame game, accusing you of things that you don't do. In other words.. trying to put obstacles in the way of getting back together. But then there's you who is open to make it work... my thoughts are why are you still wasting your time? He seems like he has a lot of personal issues, insecurities and trust issues.

    • He is going though a lot at the moment an he is confused but I love him an I am just waiting for him but I just want advice on how to get him back

    • I'm pretty sure I would LOVE drugs mixed with orgies, but that doesn't mean I ignore all the evidence that it would be bad for me or my soul.

      It doesn't MATTER that you "love" him. Your feelings don't over-ride common sense or logical decision making. Unless you're a child I suppose.

      As an adult it's your responsibility to take care of YOU.

      It's okay to LOVE someone without being with them. There are thousands of abused house wives who love their drunk and abusive husbands but who still find the strength to leave and find help.

      Love isn't a reason to chase this fool.

      Love yourself enough to no longer beat yourself up in order to "earn" his love back. That's just silly.

    • I'm with bobair...
      why fuss over someone who can't exactly be that in love with you..
      Even if he's in a confusing place, that doesn't mean he'll come running back to you when he's out of that confusing place. He could have you now, but yet he doesn't. It's time to realize that it's not going anywhere.

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  • It seems that he doesn't trust you. Have you ever cheated on him?

    • He let me sleep with a girl when we where together an his held that agents me

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