How do I break up with my boyfriend who isn't over his ex? (Nicely)?

What i have so far 'Listen i honestly dont think we're working out im sorry. You are a great guy but i honestly have a gut feeling you aren't over someone. i think you need a lot of time to heal and i dont want to be in the way of that. thanks for understanding.' - or if you guys have a better way to do it? Im open to suggestions. Thanks


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  • You need to tell him you will be busy or make excuses up that your
    doing things, going places , just don't make yourself available for him
    when he wants to come see you. Gradually make yourself more
    distant from him, now is time to wean away from him cause it sounds
    like he is still stuck on his ex and this is not fair for you to go through
    You can always say my parents are really piss lately that I'm dating
    cause they tell me I got take break cause of my age I'm young and
    I'm still living under their roof so I got go by the rules they have set
    for me. Who ever you live with has rules set for you so you got go
    by what they have set for you cause It's not going over good with them
    the people your living with parents/ relatives getting piss cause they
    want you take a break from dating i don't know if you live with


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, It's Been Thirteen Hours So Im Pretty Sure You've Already Sent It But That Seems Fine, Communication Is Key, It's Good Your Telling Him Straight Up, He Might Be Upset Or Sad But Stand Firm On Your Decision...

  • Watch the whole how I met your mother series and you'll find out ways to say it

  • I think your way is good. How long have you been dating?

    • Do you have good enough evidence that he isn't over his ex?

    • Less then a month. but it's just obvious. thank you for help, i appreciate it!

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