Girlfriend had sex already? 2months?

Well i am back again my ex basically told me yesterday that she has slept with this boy she likes 3-4 times. It hurt me but i didn't show it. I really dont get it she got mad at me because a girl tried to push up on me and then she turns around and lie on me like this because i asked her if she did and she said no , and to make things worst she was just stringing me along this entire time. I was just surprised she had sex with someone she says she " likes" and isn't even dating him. But i understand she is single but this really hurt me, after she told me she got sad and depressed i asked her why said nothing i said are u confused with what u want she said no, in my head if u aren't confused about it why are u crying or feel sad about what u did? since your moving foward i need help i dont get this i plan on moving foward with my life


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  • You both are Not done licking your war wounds just yet, and the case of "He said, she said," is Going on now, even after the fact, because the things She is doing as being 'Single,' Upsets you, and vice verse.
    Unless you Both want to stay friends, hearing what is going on each others' lives, and this includes "Sex," then Don't Contact one another and no one will be the wiser, therefore-----No wearing your heart on a sleeve to 'Hurt.'
    I believe that she is 'Crying or feel sad about what u did?' Because she is Feeling Guilty that she thinks Still----She is cheating on you.
    You need to move on if there is no chance you both are going to Reconcile, or even be Best buds. And if you Say you 'Plan on moving forward with my life,' then let go, tell her you don't want to hear it, and leave the ghosts of yesterday in the past. You'll never be able to get on with it, if you have this floating around all of the time.
    Good luck. xx

    • i understand she even tells me that she wants to have a family with me and stuff in the future i am like wtf how is that possible if you are moving on that doesn't make any sense

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    • Thank you and i know this is wait she wants i really get upset because i know we could fix it but u can't change someone mind or force them to love u, just got to let them learn by them self and the hard way

    • Yes, and it takes to to tangle to make it work. xx

  • She didn't do anything bad. She was single and she was allowed to. This isn't her problem, this is your problem and you need to get over it


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