Why would my ex boyfriend say he loves me and open up emotionally after we already broke up?

The title. ^

My ex and I have only been broken up for a week now.

He texted me last night about my story on Snapchat and we just started talking casually. He said he misses me and that he wants to see me again. I said that I missed him, too, and I asked him when he was able to see me. This is the rest of our conversation word for word :

Him: Lol. Tomorrow I can see you. After 1. I get out of work. I don't even care if we have sex. I just want to see you and kiss you lol. I miss your face and your sarcastic jokes

Me: You're being so lovey dovey right now. Wish you would've been like this before.

Him: I love you. I want you now. In my bed so we can snuggle and watch a movie.

Me: Was that a typo? Lol

Him: No no typo

Me: Do you really mean it though?

Him: Yes I do. I really have feelings for you. That's why the sex is better than just sex. It's love in the making. I think your beautiful, nice, funny, loyal. Tight ass pussy, great ass. Perfect tits. Your my dream girl. Great girlfriend. I'm going to marry you someday. I love you. Your mine and I love that too.

Me: I don't know what to say… I wish this was in person.

Him: Me too. And it's okay you don't have to say anything

Me: I just feel weird this is all coming out now

And I sill feel weird about it. That was the first time he said he loved me and I don't know if his words are sincere. He's never opened up with his feelings like that when we were together, besides saying he really liked me and it was like I was made for him. When we started dating we both confirmed we didn't ever want to get married either. I want to believe what he says is true, but he's so emotionally blocked, I don't know of this was just a little episode. I don't even want to be with him again if that's the case.


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  • Why did you guys brake it up to begin with? It seems like he's trying to get you back, yet at the same time he's playing with your mind and well... confusing you. He seems to act like the person you wanted him to be when you guys were together, but that was not the case. Now that your gone, he's acting like the way he should of acted to begin with. Very strange, very weird, very childish if you tell me. At the end of the day its up to you ms, do you want someone that acts... or someone thats actually true and real with you about everything?


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Well He Misses You & Wants Things To Work Out, Dont Give In So Early Tho, He Is Nice & Sweet Now But Sorry To Say This He May Eventually Go Back To His Old Ways, Once Again Do Not Get Your Hopes Up So Early, Dont Let Your Defenses Down, Stay Strong, See Where This Goes & Stay Positive No Matter What The Outcome Is...

  • He really misses you. You guys split and you sort of moved on and got a lot of attention from other guys. I'm assuming you didn't say much to him during this time. He also took your company and the great sex for granted, and he didn't realize what he had until you were gone. His words are sincere right now, but you never know how things might end up if you get together again. So.. be cautious in whatever you decide to do (:

  • He's hot and cold. I wouldn't buy in to this crap, he's trying to have "breakup" sex... there's no such thing. If you have sex again, it's as if you never broke up... and you saw how he was when you were together. You deserve better

  • hey, take it from a guy who has done the same as your ex. what happened is that he was dating two women and wanted the other, left you for the other. but the other left him, you are the fall back.

    • I actually broke up with him. I know he doesn't talk to any other women. He hasn't had a relationship in a long time before me.

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