I told him I didn't want to be friends after breakup. Why did he contact me twice since we broke up?

me and my ex of 2 years broke up a few months ago in may. I asked him not to contact me because I am heart broken about somethings he said to me and I needed to just get over him. He basically said he doesn't want to be serious with me so I broke up with bc I dont want to waste anymore of my life on him.

Since we broke up he emailed me after a month to tell me about his vacation. He just went into detail about how fun his vacation was and he just wanted to shareit with me. I responded "That's nice". Then he emailed me again to tell me happy birthday a few days ago. i didn't respond because I don't watn him to keep popping up in my life.

why does he feel the need to message me? his bday is in 2 months I have no intention on emailing him happy bday i need to get over him. every time he emails me it sets me back a bit and makes me upset and I cry.

He's the one who said "i dont see myself being serious with you" so why doesn't he just leave me alone so I can get over it? especially after he's lead me on by talking about us moving in together and other things. I'm really hurt and I asked him when I broke up with him to not contact me and he's contacted me twice.


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Imma Tell You Straight Up, He Did Want To Break Up But At The Same Time After The Break-Up He Wanted To String You Along As He Possibly Talked To Other Girls. You Did The Right Thing, He Didn't Wanna Be With You So Let Him Live With That, Dont Allow Your Emotions & Feelings To Get Set Back, Ignore Him, Cut All Contact, If You Want To, You Can Tell Him To Leave You Alone, Communication Is Key, If Not Then Just Keep Ignoring Him...

    • Thanks but not so sure about my decision anymore

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  • maybe he regrets the break up (if so he should said so so I doubt it) or maybe he wants you back the way things were before. keep ignoring him and getting over him. just block his email.
    He just wants what he had before but will never give you the commitment you want.

    • I doubt he regrets it

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  • He's just trying to make his fling with you work probably because you're easy and he has no other targets at the moment. As painful as this is - I'm sorry but I was in the same situation as you. And I actually did fall for it before finally realising that he's just a douche. Block him.


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