Why my ex doesn't want to be friends with me if (i think) he has moved on?

my ex boyfriend dumped me because he said he wanted to focus on education but then he is the one who blocked and unfriend me everywhere. but i think thats just because he has lost his feelings for me. we never talked anymore since the breakup but i tried to keep it cool and wished him a short happy bday text but he never reply. i just still want us to be friends.
he was my boyfriend for 5 years and i was his first? how could he forget about it that easily?


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  • Because he never did and will completely move on... I think education is an excuse for an easy way out because he was afraid of telling you what he really felt about your relationship. If he even deleted you from social networks, you might wanna move on.

    • even after 5 years of relationship with him? do u think those years meant nothing to him? and i was his first?

    • Oh well after 5 years thats another story.. he cannot forget. But still , I believe his excuse isn't the real reason. And again , if he blocked you, it feels like he's trying to move on and forget about it. I think only him got the valid explanation for this.

  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, He May Not Of Forgotten That Fast But Maybe Is Just Tryna Move On, & You Should Do The Same, Stop Tryna Make Things Right & Leave Him Alone. He Wants To Forget You & You Have To Accept It, Stay Strong & Stay Positive...


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