How to move on after a 2 year relationship? Please help?

After seeing this guy for 2 years, it's hard to forget and to move on. It's been a week and he's already saying another girl is amazing. How do I move on?
I've deleted his number, but I know it off by heart so that doesn't help.
I don't really have any other way to contact him, but even if I don't contact him I can't help but miss him heaps.
We once didn't speak for like a month and a half, and still got back together because the feelings never left for either of us.
Although it hurts, I know it's over, so now I just need to move on. Thing is, it seems impossible.
How have other people moved on?
I know that "time heals" but in the mean time what do I do?
I don't feel motivated to do anything, I already suffered from depression and this has really be a set back.

I don't want to be pathetic about the whole thing, I know he's moved on so I want to, I just need advice on how. Please help.


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  • Man, I feel the same way, er felt. I gave this girl my everything, drove 60 miles every day off I had to see her... laid in the grass for 3 hours at 4am talking about everything. And the hardest part is letting go. I seriously have a new found appreciation for what I have and I find comfort knowing that one day I will be able to love someone and give someone that feeling of endless care.. the first few weeks were hard for me. I contemplated suicide and would cry for hours on end (it was even worst since I worked alone and had no one to talk to) but I found comfort in writing my thoughts in a journal. I think about all the precious time spent and I don't regret it. I just accept it. And I can only do my best and appreciate my efforts and know that someone will do the same for me one day. I can't quite literally give you advice on this because its an experience. So hopefully you can sympathize.

    • Thanks for sharing. I'm sorry to hear you've had to experience it to. You made a good point, not to regret it but accept it. I think I need to do that. Even if it is extremely hard to let go. It's kind of my only option. Thanks again for the comment. Hope you all the best to

    • Well, if you need more comfort or advice just drop me a message. I don't really work when I'm at work because I did everything already. So I'm up all night and day. Also, I may not know you but you're still awesome.

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  • Firstly, I'm sorry :( it's so hard going through a break up but you do get over it, especially when you meet the person you're actually meant for. Which will happen! Take this time to find new hobbies or build on your old ones. If you're close with your family, lean on them for support, they won't get tired of you being a little needy for a bit. Try keeping a journal if you're not already and spill all that you feel onto the paper as much you need to. Just remember you're never alone, and so many have felt exactly how you are feeling. Good luck <3

    • Oh if you want, you can inbox me anytime too. I'm on bed rest in the hospital right now so I've got nothing but time :)

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    • Thank you, I can't inbox you though because you're on private x

    • Oh, I'll add you then lol

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  • Every day, you just need to look in the mirror and love yourself, find little things that you do everyday and love them, and love will find you again when you have that confidence in yourself as a person again.

  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Besides Letting Time Go Just Try To Keep Yourself Occupied With Your Favorite Hobbies...


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