Did I completely lose him over a rumor that wasn't even true?

How do I move past this? I was seeing this amazing guy for 4 months and everything was amazing. It went downhill after he heard a rumor about me from this kid he doesn't even know. And the rumor is not true. So I kept telling him the truth, but he always kept saying I'm lying to him. He told me he was over it and to move past it because this so called rumor happened before I met my crush so he can't get mad. But obviously he is.

So I moved past it, but he cant. He kept telling me I'm lying and so forth and all the time I kept telling him i won't give up on him. So I proved that the rumor was false and he still didn't believe me...

I honestly did everything I could think of. But nothing is working. I'm a mess right now. He told me it's over between us through a text but yet he won't stop talking to me... I'm so confused. I'm giving him space now, but i can't get over him.

What else can I possibly do?


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Even If You Do Eventually Get Him To Believe You In The Long Run He Will Have Trust Issues, If He Really Wanted To Be With You He wouldn't Of Let This Fully Cloud His Judgement...


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