I have been confused about this, guys can you shed some light on this please?

My ex and I have been broken up for a month I believe now, we use to fight a lot, but we still had feelings for each other, he wanted to stay "as friends" it was a mutual breakup, but he texts me every now and then, he got upset one time for a guy posting on my fb, and I told him we were broken up and he said it still bothered him, so he confused Me, and I said it was hard for me to be friends with him since i still love him. He still text me to check up on me. I love him and want to get back
With him but I am taking it slow by just "replying" to him... Is he "testing the waters"
Or just genuinely being friends? I figured if he was DONE DONE with me he would completely take me out of his life, also he still has pics of me on his fb,... Should I keep my hopes
Up? :( what approach to take without pressuring him?


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, He Has Feelings For You Still & Doesn't Want To Let You Go, If You Want Him Back Then iSuggest Just Continue What Your Doing & Take Things Slow, Dont Try & Force It & Dont Get Your Hopes Up Cause If It Doesn't Work Out Then You'll Be Crushed...

    • I know. He text me this wknd and we had small talk about him being sick at work, so i text the next day in the night hoping he was feeling better and he never reply, nd I feel stupid now. Sometimes I think he is playing games or trying to keep me as an option or trying to c if we can get along as friends first

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  • You're break up is still very fresh, and hurt and confusion is quite strong. You have to look at the BIG picture, is the fighting worth it? Do you see yourself with him for a LONG time? Yes, feelings are still there, you had a relationship and shared each other... but it does not mean you are right for each other. It will be hard to keep your distance, but my advice is for you to be stern and not fall into his needs. He should not get mad at you for a boy posting on your wall... you are not together, and look he still finds a way to fight. Keep strong, and get the man that will put smiles on your face. all the best


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