I can't listen to our music anymore?


I was with my last girlfriend for 3 years, long story short she treated me very badly and I eventually left her about 6 months ago after I found out about her chronic cheating habits. I'm at the point where I am sort of over her, I think about her alot, but that's expected because there's a big hole where she used to be. I don't want her in my life at all though, I guess I just wish the best for her.

Anyway, my problem is that I can't listen to any of the music we used to. When we were together it was a big thing, we would share our favourite songs, and a lot of these were songs that had meaning not involving her too. Now I can't listen to them at all, it's like I have a mental block on them. If I try, I get a horrible feeling in my chest and I get depressed. It's quite a lot of music that I can't even listen to anymore, and it's really bugging me. It's like all of my favourite songs, that were once happy, have horrible memories tied to them.

Has anyone else gone through something similar? I am hoping that I just forget one day.


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  • Yes I get that same feeling, everybody does. You related the music in your head with the memories of your girlfriend. It sucks but you should just not listen to it anymore if it makes you feel shitty all the time.


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  • Yeah lol. This guy I crushed on for like four years absolutely adored "Like Toy Soldiers" by Eminem. I can't listen to it without feeling all... ugh.


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