Is my ex trying to come back to me anyone please?

My ex broke up with me in the end of June I have went to see him a few times since and here recently he asked me to come over and I told him no I can't it's not good for me to go and see you when I am still trying to get over you and then about two weeks later he messaged me on fb and we talked on the phone and every few days we talk on fb well when we were together he became close with my kids and my daughter had her first basketball game yesterday and he came to it we spoke for a few min before the game and he said after the game he was going to drink with friends well he went into the gym and I ignored him I walked by him like he wasn't even there then he came and sat behind me leaning over me rubbing his leg on my back I continued to ignore him then after the game we walked outside and he talked to the kids for about 20 min and walked us to the car then he asked me for a hug before he left then later on he messaged me and said that he was home and this whole time we have been broke up we haven't been friends on fb well late last night he sent me a friend request and I accepted it and I posted a horoscope about social media helping old stale relationships and he liked it am I reading to much into this?


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  • Personally I think he's trying to keep you hanging, he can't make his own mind up on what he wants but at the same time doesn't want to lose you. I'd try stop all contact with him for a while and take him off fb, if he really wants you he will realise this and come back, if not your better without.


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, He Is Maybe Tryna Ease Back In Your Life, If You Want To See Where It Possibly Goes Continue Talking To Him, If Not Then Tell Him To Back Off...

    • I am trying to talk to him but since he sent that friend request he don't reply I even apologized for my part in the break up and he didn't respond but looked at it immediately and since I sent it on fb I know when he seen it

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