I feel so weak, someone please make me feel better. Can anyone relate?

Long story short, I fell in love with the man of my dreams about a year ago and since then, we've been through so much. Recently, we just started drifting apart and now I learned from someone else that HE GOT BACK WITH HIS BABY'S MOTHER. He told me he loved me and he couldn't stand her and he would never get back with her. I really thought he cared about me after all we've been through. I feel so sick, someone please make me feel better :( tell me some stories, anythinggggggg.


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  • girl, i wish you strength through this hard time,

    Unfortunatly, what you want to hear, is a story that will have an ending at wich the 2 of you come back together. unfortunatly, thats not the healthiest way. I stood where u are rigt now, my (now ex) girlfriend left a happy (atleast for me) relationship of a year because the ex swore he changed and all that.
    I felt used, miserable, sad, aggresive, lonely, weak, etc. even though she still said she loved me.

    Love is sometimes not what you expect from the feelings, loving someone for real means you have plans for the future together, meaning that you see no other than him/her in your life. meaning that a week without chat, is a lifetime of misery. What this man is doing is going back to memories that he is still fond of. he chose old good memories, instead of new good ones.

    It is your choise, you can feel miserable and hoping that he will come back ( prob not). OR you could focus on yourself and be the better woman. and show him what he will miss. And you know what they say, loves makes us blind. there are no trueer words, you will start seeing hints and notice what he really was doing. iff he really was worth all the effort. and iff he really as the "one" .

    Again: i wish you all the strength you can get, and i hope you will make the right decision.

    • Thank you so much, and I understand. I guess it's just gonna take time

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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, They Have A Much Longer History Together, That Happens A Lot In The World, Just Cut All Contact, Take Time Out To Self Heal & Get Your Feelings & Emotions Under Control...

    • Thank you, I'll try but it's gonna take everything in me

  • I have a similar story but i would't want to share it with everyone

  • aww.. thats really sad.. Thats the hit of love.. !! Thats y they said.. never love... Its very fatal.. :( Once i loved a girl too.. we were together for 1 month and the intensity of my love was at its peak.. But than it was time for her to leave for her country.. She was frm norway..! She went back.. we were apart... Still we are.. She was the only one loved.. After this love thing.. for some time i became totally careless about me.. with time i recovered.. I didn't loved any girl after that although many grl approach me but its not like this.. its very starnge.. Now i can't have feelings for anyone.. AnYONE... my heart became stone cold after that incident... I knw that fr all my cmng life.. i am un able to love someone.. its very sad!!!

    • I understand :( it's horrible, but I hope we both can eventually learn to love again

  • happy stories?

    • Anything. . something to show me it's gonna be okay and I'll get over it :(

  • He might have felt that way both when he said he loved you and when he said he hated her. But when two people have a baby together, they are inextricably 'wound together' in a way that isn't there with regular couples - there is more than just you three involved, there is also a baby they must think about, and there is always going to be a stronger impetus to try "make it work" and work past their differences, as they're always going to be in each other's lives in one way or another (when you have a child with someone, you will almost always remain involved in their life and vice versa).

    • Sorry, I just realized my response may come across as lacking sympathy - that's not how I meant it - you're in a crappy situation and it sucks. Been there. Takes time to get over it.

    • No it's just the truth and it hurts. Thank you though, I need to hear this.

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