If your ex sent you a "happy hanukkah", "Merry Christmas", "Happy Birthday", "Happy New Year" message, do you respond?

How would you respond? would you respond nicely even if you are still hurting? do you ignore him or her? why would you ignore them? why would you respond?

what if you are still hurting and kind of want them back?

just want to know all the different scenarios and why
  • He/she hurt me. I choose to IGNORE
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  • I broke up with him/her. I choose to IGNORE
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  • He/she hurt me. I respond nicely to let them know they don't affect me.
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  • He/she hurt me. I respond harshly to let them know they hurt me.
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  • I blocked and deleted my ex from everywhere. He/she can not contact me.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • She's not necessarily an ex, but if the girl I'm thinking of messages me, I would ignore. She hurt me too many times after I forgave her too many times. I wouldn't put up with her again. You know that phrase:

    "For every beautiful woman in the world, there's one guy who is sick and tired of her shit"?

    That's me. I would ignore.


Most Helpful Girl

  • My ex called me around Christmas and I did really miss him - I was happy to have that phone call. Great conversation, even though we got into a "playful" type argument over our ending.

    • yah I missed him too so I responded nicely but we didn't have a convo. it ended there

    • That is perfectly okay to have it end there. Him messaging you, tells you that you are on his mind - and I am sure that is special to know. Same with your response.

      Sometimes it is fulfilling in itself to know is that someone cares about or misses you.

    • Yeah I thought if he didn't care and if he didn't miss me he wouldn't have messaged me. It does feel good to know that he did. But yeah it can end here now.

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What Guys Said 6

  • I tell them. "Yes, the G'od (Ji'had) is going well."

    In 1004 AD when the Vatican broke ways with the Chalcedon Council, they declared religious war and changed the spelling of their Deity from "Elah" to G'od (Ji'had). No one points out the Aramaika and Arabics are being Genocided on every continent fro 1,009 years including the 26% of the Holocaust, where Yiddish Alpine based jews controlled by Vatican Italy were persecuted in the Holocaust for 15 years. Gee, 1,000 years verses 15. Did anyone notice the 1st Talmud is Iraq, 2nd Talmud is Palestine, 3rd Talmud is Syria and all of them were in Aramaika (Aramaic). 1948 Israel is run by a 87%-90% Vatican Catholic population of Poland, born President. He is as white as it gets and preaches for a pure race religious country. He is killing any neighbor who refuses to call a Religion a Race. = Religious War = G'od = Ji'had.

    They changed the spelling, but not the intent to confuse and destroy others.
    This whole "deities are called G'ods" stuff is fiction. "Religious War" is all it is about.
    Iisou is the original name of the Messiah. "Jesus" was created from "I Am" in French in the 1700's AD.
    So Jesus being raised to G'od co-equal in 1004 AD means, Jesus G'od = "I Am, Religious War"

    Next time a Jew or Christians says they are religion of peace. Ask them, Then why are they approving the the US and 1948 Israel Military genocide of the the Countries that wrote the 1st, 2nd, 3rd Talmud?

    • WAAAAAAAAAAY off topic

    • So "Respond Harshly" is not a topic you provided? ~ Tell them the reason their deity is called G'od=Ji'had is because their faith around 1004 AD turned into one of "Religious War", death, Genocide, and persecution. A behaviors that continues to this day.

      1st Talmud is from Iraq.
      2nd Talmud is from Palestine.
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      Guess which 3 nations the 25% Vatican Catholics US has been bombing with Nuclear Waste/Depleted Uranium and then supplying missiles to blow up ancient cities more than 10,000 BC old?

  • F: From my point of view I don't think I've yet to have a harsh breakup. At most I felt disappointed more than hurt but after some time passes I'm okay again and would like to keep in touch every once in a while; As long as she responds and doesn't tell me to get lost.

    So if someone said happy birthday to me or Merry Christmas I would say thanks. If they asked how I was doing I would respond kindly and also ask about them. No hard feelings :)

  • With a simple "Thanks" unless they really REALLY broke your heart or something then just ignore them or delete them completely.

  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, iHave No Hate Towards Any Of My Exes So iWould Respond Back Friendly...

  • 1 word. Thanks.

  • I say thank you


What Girls Said 2

  • I would just say: "Thanks, you too". Nothing more, nothing less. It's polite to answer, to wish them the same thing but it's not an opening for further conversation.

  • I simple thanks. You too. No more. No less.


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