I was told : this is to keep his options open or one foot in the door just in case" GUYS please advise if this sounds like it is thanks u for ur time?

we broke up, we obv have feelings for each other we just fought and had too much pride, now he has not taking down my photos from when we were a couple on fb, he text me here and there saying hello, he has been sick lately and text me and told me so I got worried and text him the next day saying hey I hope you are feeling better and he didn't reply, YET he was on fb meaning he saw my text but chose not to reply now I feel like a dumb ass because when I am nice to him I get ignored, when I don't care, and talk to other guys I hear from him right away bitching about it, is he playing games?


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  • he's being a bitch ass bitch:P just forget about him.

    • that's not very helpful lol :(

    • well I mean okay like the way he's treating you is just hot and cold dependent on his emotions. so like its either extreme to no extreme, which is lame and st00pid. by reading your post its obvious he's not worth your time and he's being extremely selfish with you. you two broke up, he has to realize that you're allowed to talk to other guys and he can't throw a bitch fit about it, yet he still does. he tries to be compassionate in some ways but probably cannot fathom the fact that you will be seeing other guys so he turns into a bitch ass bitch:P

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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, If He Is Ignoring You Then Move On & Forget Him, Cut All Contact & Begin Self-Healing...


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