Why would my ex text me asking how am I doing and what am I up to, after a few text, won't reply back? or even the next day?

he texts me, every now and then, and then won't reply, tells me he is sick and has been working none stop bla bla, and if I check up on him he won't respond yet I see him on fb? now will I be wrong if he replies to me and I don't? is he playing games or keeping his options open


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  • Options open. He is just fishing for replies. You are like back-up. When he is ignoring you, I would say he is paying attention to someone else. Don't get played!

    • i guess, sometimes I give me the benefit of the doubt since he's a fire fighter and is always workingm when he text me he told me he was in a fire for 3 days and has poison oak, etc so I stood concern and sent a text the next day hoping he was ok and he never replied, :/

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  • I think that he wants to see you and he could also be keeping his option open.

    • i know its confusing, since he still has our couple pics on his fb, and texts me and then he doesn't reply, so im not walking on egg shells any more hoping he comes around

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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, He Is Seeing If Your Still Available As An Option, Next Time Ignore Him & Show Him Your Not...

  • Definitely keeping his options open, I use this one all the time when I really don't want to talk to someone. Then I will usually say "oh yeah I ment to get back to you but I completely forgot to because I was super busy"


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