Will he ever get backthe first time we brokeup he said he doesn't want me anymore after few months he said he couldn't live without me?

This the 2nd time he brokeup with me
the first time he told me he does'nt want to be with me anymore after a 2months he was back begging me
but this Time he didn't say anything he just dissappeared blocked me on fb whatsapp and phone calls
i used to text him daily to know wth is wrong with him tried to talk with his friend but he said that he doesn't want me anymore and i found out that there's another girl in his life but i don't believe he's seriouse about it
my friend talked to him he said he doesn't want me anymore and he's sick of me cuz am a dramaqueen and childish
but what i really know is that we were in love I don't know what's wrong with him i can't believe that he stopped loving me after all we've been through for 3years!!
I can't get over him i feel so broken I don't eat or sleel well i really don't know what to do


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Just Back Off & Leave Him Alone, You can't Force A Relationship With A Person That Doesn't Want To Be In It...


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  • I feel sorry for you! Honestly :( That guy doesn't deserve a tear of yours! You should try to get over him! I know it's really hard because you're heartbroken but there is your soulmate out there and you're wasting your time with your ex who acted like a jerk. People that love you and support you should be there in your life in such difficult moments. Let your friends hepl you. Get out, party , have fun and try not to think about him. Even watching TV will make you feel better. It always works to me.


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