Ex boyfriend wants to see me?

Dated for a year and a half. He ended things a month ago cause he wasn't happy. He didn't physically cheat but I found out (after we brokeup) that he had been snapchatting random girls he met online and flirting with them. He also never wished me a happy birthday which was only a couple weeks ago. He texts me out of the blue after 2 weeks of not talking (I confronted him about the girls and we didn't talk after that) a couple nights ago and then we started talking and he asked how I was and everything and said he had made positive changes.. then he asked if he could see me sometime this week. Why do you think he wants to see me?


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Sex, To Make Things Right, Or String You Along So You Can Never Completely Get Over Him As He Continues To Talk To Other Girls, Dont Go See Him, Set Your Emotions Aside & Move On...


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