How to get my ex boyfriend back even though he won't message me back?

We split four weeks ago but have t spoken for a week. I haven't missed him for a few days but now I miss him loads. He had a gi at my male friend for talking to me after the break up. I asked him why tonight but he didn't reply. He means a lot to me. The reason we broke up was because I cut myself. (At the start of the relationship he saw my scars and made me promise I wouldn't do it if we broke up but he thought it was during the relationship.) Anyway, I can tell he still has some feelings for me but what can I do to be with him again? Something I can do but doesn't include talking to him if that makes sense as he won't reply. Anything will help! Thank you


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Stop Cutting Yourself, That Solves NOTHING. IF He Is Ignoring You Then iStrongly Suggest You Move On, Over Time You'll Feel Better, Trust Me. Try & Stay Strong & Positive...


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  • Darlin', I wouldn't try to get back together with him. It's nobodies right to tell you or make you promise not to cut. That is something you have to do yourself. It's hard, believe me I know, I've been struggling with it for over 10 years now. Some days are easier, some days are harder.
    What you need is someone who will sit with you when you feel the need to cut, and help you through it. Someone who is sad when you cut, but doesn't abandon you.
    It doesn't need to be a boyfriend, it can be a friend, a family member, heck, someone online. You need someone that you know will be sad if you die. Not someone who will take you for granted if you live.
    This boy may care for you, but if he really cared for you, would he have left you when he saw you were having trouble? No, he would be sad.
    He would be hurt that you broke your promise, but he would sit down with you, hold you close, and say to you 'I don't understand why you cut. It makes me sad to think I could lose you, that's why I'm so upset. If you want to tell me why you cut I will listen. I hope you don't cut again, but I if you do, I hope that you tell me right away, even if it's just so that I can give you hug and tell you again 'I'm here for you.''

    I don't know if you have anyone in your life like that luv, but I want you to know that if you don't, you can talk to me, okay? You can reply here, you can message me, I will gladly help.
    I didn't have anyone for a very long time, and it made things very difficult. I now have more support than I could have dreamed of, and even though it's 'only' 3 or 4 people, those are 3 or 4 people that I know will listen to me when I need anything, and won't judge me, or say I'm stupid, or over reacting, or childish/immature.

    Also, if you are totally freaked out and hope I never comment on any of your questions again, feel free to say that too. ^^;

    I wish you the best hun, and please remember that if you go, you will be missed by someone, somewhere. <3


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  • You need to move on.


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