Would you date, be in a relationship with or marry a divorced person?

Would you only date or would you commit to a serious relationship and marry a divorced person?

Why or why not?

Are you divorced?

Has anyone been involved romantically with a divorced person?

Would the answer change depending on whether the person had kids or not?

My boyfriend is upper mid 30s and I'm a graduate student in my 20s. I met him on a dating app he was one of the only guys who seemed to genuinely want a relationship and not a hookup. Plus I liked his personality and he was cute and we hit it off so even though he was a bit older than I wanted I decided to chance it.

On the app it doesn't ask for relationship status. I knew he was single now but I just assumed he was a bachelor.

After a few dates he told me he was divorced a few years ago but doesn't have kids. At first I was shocked and a little freaked out because I haven't even been in relationships over a year let alone married.

But he is genuinely a good guy with a good character and treats me well and since there's no kids his ex isn't in his life and there's no complications or things tying him down... and he still wants his own family and would remarry. So I decided it's ok.

People also told me at his age I shouldn't be surprised he was married before. I just wasn't expecting it.
Would you date, be in a relationship with or marry a divorced person?
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