How to get over a bad break up?

Me and this girl just broke up after dating for two years we meet in freshmen year of high school and we fell I love then one day she just left me with no explanation as to what I did wrong. I just wanna know how I can get over her she's the best girlfriend I've ever had?


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  • You did nothing wrong. Don't try to get an explanation for anything she would or could say would ultimately be irrelevant and inconsequential. You had two years with a chick you liked, be grateful for that.

    " I just wanna know how I can get over her she's the best girlfriend I've ever had? " -

    Time, keep yourself busy, and eventually start trying to see other girls.

    "Best girlfriend I've ever had," are you kidding me with that? That's ridiculous, you're way too young to make such a statement. Unless you've had many relationships in your past, I'd say that uttering those words was a lil' premature. Fear not my friend, there will be plenty more to come.


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, No Matter What, It Will Take Time, Over Time You Will Begin To Feel Better, Do Things That Occupy Your Time & Make You Happy, After That Begin Socializing With People, Dont Stay In The Slumps, Move On, Stay Positive & Stay Strong...

  • You start by realizing that you don't need to do anything wrong for this to happen. They don't need a reason to do it. Stop looking for a reason.
    2 years is a little sooner than most, but 50% of women would have done the same by about 4 years. Most of them just can't stay in love with one man for much longer than that, and it's instinctive.

    I find that getting banged as soon as possible helps take you mind off them.


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