I Resigned my job because of my break-up?

This is a very complicated story... please if you have time i really need your help. I feel so overwhelmed and confused... So i started working at this company a year ago and the owner's son really liked me and would always try to go out with me but at the time i had a boyfriend and i wasn't interested especially because he is a bit younger than me... about 7 months later i gave him a chance and we became bf and gf... i really grew to like him and spent quite a bit of time with him and his family.. i got the impression his family wasn't too keen on me because i don't come from a family of wealth etc... for some strange reason he felt distant and we would barely speak.. then about 3 months later he broke up with me via text saying he's not ready for a relationship and he feels bad to just stop talking to me like this because he doesn't want to be another asshole i dated.. he then asked me back for his aunt's shorts she "gave" me... i felt really hurt and resigned on impulse the following day because i know it would be awkward at work. Now i feel really depressed for resigning because i have no job and i'm wondering if i did the right thing... The father was really nice to me and gave me the opportunity to work there now i feel like a dick for resigning without talking it through with them. What do i do about this entire situation? did i do the right thing.. i just don't want to be in their bad books especially because it's my first job.


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, You Should Never Quit A Job Because Of Somebody, Dont Let A Break-Up Control What You Do & Where You Go In Life. If You Want You Can Go Back & Tell The Father Why You Did What You Did, Thats Your Choice Tho, Stay Positive...


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  • Honestly,

    That was a a really dumb decision. The awkwardness wouldn't have lasted forever, you would've eventually gotten over it. It's dangerous to be so impulsive.

    • You need to find a balance between logic and emotion or else you're going to keep making irrational choices.

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  • Aren't you supposed to not let personal get mixed with business?


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  • I'm sorry to hear that - but that's why I always say to keep professional relationships strictly professional.

    • It was a impulsive decision but at least its better than seeing him there every day and feeling hurt

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