Recently ex blocked me on instagram?

its been a week since the break up, and he initiated the break up, he unfriend me both Facebook and instagram. he rarely use facebook, he didn't blocked me there. but on instagram he blocked me. why is that? then on snapchat and Skype im still his friend. is he trying not to see my pictures?, im still hoping were still gonna be back together. its my fault, but it is just a petty fight. nothing major
after a week of no contact, i texted my ex with a long ass message, stating how i realiZe my mistakes, what can i do about it, why i acted like that on our petty fight.. i also told him how much i love him, but i also told him im getting tired of him
always trying to break up with me
everytime we fight, and im willing to move on. he agreed to meet in person, were gonna meet in the place where we first met and we went there too on our first break up


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  • My husband out in Egypt and myself whenever a fight, a break up, we Always------Deleted and blocked with Everything. Even now, for we are currently separated, he has me on Skype, but we haven't used this in a month now, Deleted each from Facebook, and he Only has me, but never uses it. Just things of This nature.
    Being you just 'broke up,' it''s only been 'A week,' he most likely was mad as a wet hen at you enough to Do all of This with a push of a button. And with 'Instagram,' being you May Both be using this the most, 'He blocked me' because he didn't want you There----Period.
    I believe that you both will be kissing and making up again. However, if you're at fault, which I have been in my own marriage a million times over, you should be the one to kiss a little butt, and then you may not only be back together, but back Online as well.
    Good luck. xxx


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Maybe He Wants To Post Pics Of Girls. Whatever It Is, He Wants To Make Sure You Dont See It, If iWere You iWould Accept It & Move On, You Might See Something On His Instagram & May Bring Up A Lot Of Pain...

  • I don't use instagram so, I can't tell you


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  • he may have gotten feelings for someone else and blocked you from seeing his pics or likes but if you guys always get into a petty fights and make up then he will come back but he could be hiding things from you and be talking to more then just you because he has gotten tired of fighting a lot or found someone else to move on quick from this relationship

    • his profile is on public. what is the point on blocking me when i can still see him and our pictures are still there

    • he's trying to get over u or trying to make u feel guilty to what happen so u can beg and come back to him he may not think u care about him or he may want u to see things his way and think u don't care about his feelings i would avoid the petty fights unless its over something serious like cheating

    • its not cheating. just small fights

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